Colorado State University Alumni Center hosts tax event for young alumni

This past Tuesday, Feb. 16th the Colorado State University Alumni center hosted its second of six financial zoom sessions as part of their Young Alumni series. This event was focused on taxes.  

The tax focused event was part of an informational series the Alumni center is producing called The Young Alumni Series. This series consists of six workshops with about one workshop a month. The Young Alumni series workshops are all about financial topics.  

“We do topics like home buying, investing, car buying,” said Alexandra Schweigart, a Young Alumni and Student Engagement Specialist.  

The presentation, a 30 slide powerpoint, covered tax topics such as tax brackets, calculating taxes and saving for retirement. It was presented by CSU Professor Jim Stekeleeberg. Stekeleeberg is a professor in the College of Business at CSU.  

Stekeleeberg , who teaches about taxes at CSU knows how his audiences usually feel about taxes. 

“Believe it or not my students have other places they’d rather be than in tax class, so it is great that people are voluntarily here.” Stekeleeberg said.  

Stekeleeberg’s presentation was a crash course in taxes with the goal of demystifying the tax code. Participants’ cameras were disabled as were their microphones, but they were able to submit questions via the chat function on Zoom. Questions were received by Schweigart. Who would then ask the question to Stekeleeberg. 

The hour-and-a-half event drew 75 reservations while the total number of attendees was not shared. One attendee, Matthew Stewart, plans on attending all of the Young Alumni financial informational sessions. 

“As a young adult in a financially unstable time like COVID-19, help like this is necessary and appreciated.” Stewart said.  

While the Alumni Center prefers to keep these events for young alumni, the info sessions are geared toward anyone under the age of thirty. 

 “We focus specifically on young alumni because we know that transition from college to postgrad is difficult.” Schweigart said.  

The next installation of the Young Alumni series will be held on April 14, 2021. The topic of that event will be credit scores. 

Alexandra Schweigart (top right) and Jim Stekeleeberg (bottom right) host the Young Alumni series tax event. The event was the second of six in the series.  

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